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my yoga journey began in 1994, in India, where I grew up. since then, I've lived in many countries & continents, raised a family, switched gears & careers... Through all these adventures, the one constant in my life has been my yoga practice. It has grown with me, and I with it.

i am honored to share its wisdom with you. Yoga continues to be a beautiful path to self-inquiry, self-discovery & a meaningful philosophy to live by.

while I also teach Hatha & VINyasa YOGA, i am most passionate about restorative and yin yoga. in a world defined by action, speed & stress, i believe in the necessity of cultivating a quiet practice, to connect, to form a relationship with one's self, where true healing & balance can begin. I look forward to having you join me on the mat one day...

My teaching is quiet, meditative, philosophical, heart-centered, breath-focussed. My teachers: BERNIE CLARK, CHERI CLAMPETT, BARBRA NOH, charu rachlis, cora wen, maile sivert, Caroline kelley

i love the idea of energetic alchemy, discovering one's inner gold through personal transformation & growth. a quiet practice is a wonderful vehicle for this.

i believe in guiding my students to look within so they can be their own teachers.

whether young or old, yogi neophite or seasoned practitioner, my classes have something for all of you! 

Join me on the mat

Yin Yoga

Sundays 6:00-7:30pm  

Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm 

Restorative Yoga

(Yoga Shanti):

 Mondays 7:45-8-45pm 


The Mindful Body,

2876 California St

San Francisco CA 94115


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yin yoga testimonials

I've been attending Sona's Sunday Yin class for about six months now, and I can honestly say that it's one of the best parts of my week. The hour and a half that I spend on the mat with Sona is incredibly restorative and soothing, but at the same time, I can feel my muscles and my body getting stronger and more flexible. I've had a variety of injuries over the course of my time on the mat (lingering dance injuries), and each time I've been unable to do a pose, Sona has been able to offer adjustments or alternatives that make it so that I can still participate in the pose. I would absolutely recommend this class to everyone.

niharika R.

I am such a fan of Sona's. Her knowledge of the body inspiring. She always comes to Yin class well-prepared to tackle what seems like just the very thing I's as if she spent the week reading my mind and body. She's beautiful...her positive attitude and warm smile are so infectious, and the lovely tenor of her voice is like listening to the most relaxing of music. I walk away at the end of every class in a state of upright bliss, with a new freshness in my gait and in my perspective. Sona's class makes me happy & healthy. I treat myself very well, and Sona's class is one of the nicest things I do for myself, truly.

kimber s.

One of my greatest joys is attending Sona’s Yin and Yoga Shanti classes. Sona creates a peaceful space that allows me to surrender into poses and experience ultimate relaxation. Her classes are catered to all levels of students and her knowledge of  anatomy, alignment, and adjustments is inspiring. Sona’s positivity is infectious and no matter how I feel before entering her class, I am always blissed out by the end of it.

Arthur S.

yoga shanti:restorative yoga testimonials

Sona's class is amazing! It's such a welcoming atmosphere for all levels. She is attentive and accommodates every student's needs. The instruction is very clear. I also love Sona's soothing voice: it makes the class even more calming and relaxing. What a wonderful way to end a long day. I'm definitely hooked and look forward to this class all week!

raz l.

The space held by Sona allowed me to step into the  most restorative hour of my week. Her offering is deeply nourishing and perfectly balanced between clear instruction and sweet silence. I will certainly be back.

nicole c.

Sona is a wonderfully attentive teacher. Her passion for the healing and renewing properties of yoga shine through the various postures she leads and in the assists she gives each person. It's like a spiritual spa.

joseph k.

A divine hour of relaxation. What set it apart are the hands-on adjustments in every pose, bringing the relaxation to a whole new level.

karen g.

HAtha & vinyasa yoga testimonials

To have a class with Sona is to receive a tremendous gift. Her knowledge and her ability to communicate allows every practitioner to experience deep connection with their body and their mind. Her cues are insightful and they direct subtle movement that heals and strengthens. Her presence is calming and generous. I am grateful to have encountered a teacher who gives so much to each student.


I had always imagined Yoga to be a strenuous physical practice that required years of discipline before bringing perceivable results. It took Sona just one lesson to show me how wrong I was. Her teachings tap deep into traditional techniques, focusing around letting go, conscious breathing and stillness.

Thanks to her guidance I have been able to notice how difficult moments in life can resonate stress and tension in our bodies and learned how to ease myself gently out of those. Forever grateful,


i look forward to hearing from you...


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